Highly Engagement Oriented


Time Saving

Perfectly Functioning, Automated and Solid E-Commerce Software

→ With e-commerce solutions that eliminate unnecessary resource use and time loss; The system automatically processes many information such as order status, customer information and shipping tracking processes.

→ In many e-commerce sites today, a transaction that can take hours or days with manual processes is done within minutes in our fully automated systems.

→ Compared to manually controlled e-commerce sites, the customer behaviors that can be overlooked (such as who want to place an order but cannot pay) are much easier to follow thanks to the fast and easy-to-understand interface on the e-commerce software we have created, and potential losses are prevented.

We have reached 20% of the market share with our e-commerce and marketing service in the 6 months since we activated the e-commerce platform of Kimin Kutusu.

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Average growth rate of sales (monthly)
Returning Customer Rate
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‘’High-Engaged Oriented User Experience and Taste-Maker Design Concept’’

Data-driven e-commerce software offers a user experience that increases customer interaction.

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Custom design and eCommerce software for each of our customers

We develop e-commerce platforms by working exclusively for each of our customers, with detailed analysis of our customers' needs, goals and industry.

Page Speed
Let your potential customers turn into sales with web pages loaded in less than 2 seconds.

Hassle-Free Payment

Automated Shipping

Every Step is Clear and Simple

The base of our e-commerce solutions is created in the process of deep analysis, planning and design in a way that will attract the attention of your target audience and increase their interaction.

We can increase your brand interaction and help you achieve high conversions while providing an effective user experience with our e-commerce solutions that stand out with our modern designs and guide your users.

Thanks to our solutions, the platform that we developed increases the customer retention and improve brand loyalty.

Smart E-Commerce Solutions

With our smart e-commerce solutions that will make a difference in your industry and are tailored to your business, you can make sales at any time and follow important events instantly without any limitations.

With the advanced data softwares we have integrated, you can monitor all the interactions of your potential customers, improve your customer experience, and easily draw up strategies that will increase your customer interactions and sales.

Have an eCommerce system that will provide a competitive advantage.

High Performance

Your visitors can surf the pages quickly through faster page load without waiting.

Flexibility & Security

Protect your customers’ data and reduce vulnerabilities while growing your business.

Data Softwares

Generate insights from the interactions of your visitors and reach potential customers.

Software Integrations

Have a solid system while increasing the efficiency with custom integrations.

Fully Automated

Automate your business processes, save time and reduce your workload.

User Experience

Increase customer retention while providing an effective user experience process.

What Dynaside provides is not only the product but also the superior service experience.

How we do it?

  • We draw up all digital strategies.

  • We prepare all process related to e-commerce software and its operation.

  • We design brand perception and formation on digital platforms.

  • We provide the privilege of working closely.

  • We negotiate with our customer by calling frequently.

  • We control the work flow of your company with your solution partners.


Customer satisfaction rate of our customers from the services we provide with our focus-based service principle and in-depth processes.

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Fully digital solutions for those whose business model with digital products oriented.

We offer custom solutions to companies and saas projects that want to offer and sell their digital products or services on the internet. With these solutions, you will be able to diversify your revenue model while offering different subscription to your customers.

Get professional support for your existing e-commerce platform.

Have a platform which has strong infrastructure and modern interface.